Monday, September 23, 2013

Art at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage's Milkweed Mercantile 2013

Art is beginning to grab its rightful place here at the Milkweed Mercantile. This summer and fall (2013) we have hosted three fabulous artists and are looking forward to the arrival of a fourth in October.

Below are brief descriptions of each Artist and his/her residency. In a future post I will show reveal the piece of art that each donated to the growing Milkweed Mercantile collection "Visions of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage."

NOTE: For information on applying for our 2014 Artist in Residence Program click here.

Claire Stigliani
We started our Artist in Residence Program with a bang.  Claire Stigliani spent ten days with us in May. She taught two painting classes for kids, and several drawing classes for adults. We loved having her with us - the time just flew! Claire's patience and encouragement were like a balm to those of us who were nervous about plunging into art, and her humor and skill helped us all move forward and feel much more confident. Besides, we had a blast!

Nik Garvoille

Nik Garvoille filled our second Residency. Arriving at the Mercantile as a Culinary Work Exchanger, I was flabbergasted (and thrilled) to find out just how much of a renaissance man Nik really is. In addition to crafting the world's best pies and the some of quirkiest Facebook posts I've had the pleasure to giggle at, he is an incredibly talented artist.

Nik chose natural pigments as his medium for his Residency - he crafted a beautiful palette of paints made from food (beets and alfalfa) and natural materials (including honey locust pods and a variety of leaves, grasses, flowers and roots) found on the land here at Dancing Rabbit.

Nik teaching a drawing class.

Jameson S. Hubbard

Jameson S. Hubbard, a great big serious-sounding name for an unassuming, uber-friendly print-maker, was our third Artist in Residence. He taught us mono-printing and block-printing. Arriving with a stack of blank wood blocks and a box full of carving tools, he set us to work. Most of us had no idea how fun and addictive the carving and printing would be until we began. For ten days the Mercantile was filled with folks carving away, creating piles and piles of shavings. Fortunately for us, Jameson is as good a sweeper-upper as he is a creator of that which needs to be swept. In between assisting Rabbits with our own creations he worked on his contribution to the Mercantile collection - a piece featuring images from the Critter Collective here at DR. Ducks, a strawbale house under construction and a miniature donkey can be seen in the work in progress, below.

Rabbits helping carve Jameson's wood block.

Karen Hanrahan

Closing out our 2013 season will be photographer Karen Hanrahan.

Karen calls Bloomington, Illinois home. We look forward to our time with Karen in October. I'll be sure to post photos of her residency!

The Milkweed Mercantile Artist in Residency Program will return in 2014. Please check back (or subscribe to this blog) for more information. I hope to have it posted by December - fingers crossed!

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